Rise to Influence: Unveiling the Blueprint for Corporate Credibility Mastery By Sachin Jain


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“Rise to Influence” is a game-changing book tailor-made for every hardworking professional out there. If you’re looking to supercharge your career, achieve your goals, and make a lasting impact, then this book is your roadmap to success.

In “Rise to Influence,” author Sachin Jain has distilled 20 years of wisdom and experience into a practical framework called PEANUTS. This simple yet powerful acronym stands for Purpose, Equanimity, Attitude, Networking, Unwavering Ethics, Time Management, and Self Learning. Each element is like a building block, helping you craft a sturdy foundation for your professional journey.

Discover how to uncover your true Purpose and align it with your career goals. Learn the secrets of maintaining Equanimity in the face of challenges, and master the art of cultivating a winning Attitude that will set you apart from the crowd. Harness the potential of Networking to build meaningful relationships and foster professional growth. Uphold Unwavering Ethics in all your endeavors and become a beacon of integrity. Gain precious insights into effective Time Management and the art of continuous Self Learning.

Are you ready to elevate your career and become an influential force in your industry? “Rise to Influence” is your key to unlocking your full potential. Don’t wait; take action now and grab your copy of this transformative book. Your path to professional excellence begins here. Get ready to rise, influence, and thrive!


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