QUOTES – Evolution And Origin Of Management Elective


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This is not to brag and boast-but this holds a bit of validity.True, a lot of books has been written on
management and a few ones with quotes also has hit the market.However , no author in his capacity,
has brought out a book, which covers 10 out of the 12 definite electives of Management, in a single
edition, and that too ,all in the forms of quotes,and this is the hall mark of this book.
This book is for those, who have not studied management but want themselves to be dipped in the sea
of management thoughts, as it would help them to expedite the management projects and the work
deligently.It is also for the students studying management to remember all the managerial quotes ,
which they would never have heard in their class,which would help them, to build them GREAT
Every elective has quotes on management , here in this book,which are pounding and effective by
nature but written in a simple and a lucid language. Humour adds the necessary spice as well, in some
of the quotes those have been jotted here.A lot of books written, have been lost and this one will never
be.The quotes are written in a manner which a Manager or even a non office bearers would require
them to read it , often and often, to make him better.That is the USP and the hallmark of this book.

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