Proven Ways to Earn 6 Figure Income in Dentistry


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Proven ways to Earn 6 Figure Income In Dentistry
– A Dental Practise Management Book
Proven ways to earn 6 Figure Income in Dentistry is a Dental Practice Management Book That Helps Young/Aspiring Dentist to Implement Easily Executable Systems, Strategies To Get Best Possible Productive results from our dental practice.
This Book reveals information about Business Management, Financials pertaining to Dentistry to take your practice to the next level.

A must have book for all Dentist who have just passed out of their college and for all Aspiring Dentist who are already in to practise to take their practice to the next level.

For most of the colleagues, a common question is ‘How to increase patient inflow and how to increase patient’s treatment acceptance rate?’ You will learn a step by step guide to increase quality patient inflow, how to cater to their expectations and how to increase the productivity.


what can you expect from this book?
•Help you set up high quality dental practice.
•Avoid boredom in initial stages of your career.
•To have a clear vision / goals for yourself, for your practice and your team.
•To overcome your limiting beliefs and fulfil your patients expectation.
•Techniques to formulate a system for your practice.
•To create work profile, recruiting protocol, training, retention of employees and review their performance.
•Help you to overcome competition by identifying innovative ideas which are suitable for your practice and increase patient treatment acceptance percentage.
•Helps To create a good brand.
•Have a clear cut ethical, acceptable marketing strategy.
• Best practise management system.
• Balancing dentistry and personal life.
• Plan your retirement and succession plan.

Unlike what we learnt, the practice is not only about dental treatments. This book will give you an insight about marketing, sales, operations, recruitments, accounts, innovative ideas and management perception and its implementation in dental practice .

With 18 years of experience, trained in comprehensive dentistry and business management, financials and as one who has faced and solved many problems that the young, aspiring Dentist face, my humble inputs will help you to clear the hurdles.


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