Power Of Tuning To Your Higher Self – For The Success You Seek


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We tend to lead 99% of our whole life to find that 1% that completes us. This could be through relationships, work-life, professional life, our social life, or our passions, which come and go. Science has discovered that nothing in the universe is constant and that everything is matter, vibrating consistently, including every cell of our body. This vibration further produces energy like electromagnetic waves, that attract and repel energy fields based on their orientation and frequency. So, if you have conscious clarity in knowing the life that you want to lead, you simply need to orient yourself at the right frequency to attract what you seek. Universe has simple laws to lead a joyous life, which has been inherent since the time of our birth, the need is to awaken ourselves by tuning ourselves to that higher self.
Those who have a deep desire within, and are on a journey to know one’s self better, to find a lasting progression in work and life for leading a joyous life, wherever you are in your journey, this book can accelerate your path to your destination.
The book references deep scientific reasoning and studies, to trust yourself in the techniques and the concepts to apply in your day-to-day life, while you manifest yourself to attract wealth, cherish relationships and lead a joyous and successful life.
With a conscious effort applied consistently, this book can help you to understand basic laws and principles of various connections in the universe. With this understanding, it will further enable methodical, simple to use techniques, that can be used on a day-to-day basis to remind you and awaken you to be tuned with your higher self, until this tuning becomes permanent.


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