No Bigg Deal!: An MT Sales Story


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Is there a man more lost than the one forced to walk the cobbled path of

Ever been a virgin? A beginner? A trainee? Untrained, unproven, unsure … Pushed off
the cliff with no visible harnesses, yet you are not fallen. Thrown into the deep end with
no life vests, yet you are not sunk. Are you someone who has made it across, now
wondering how you managed to? Are you one lost in an abyss, wondering what next?
Or, one about to be pushed off? If yes, read on …

The domino that someone had set into motion has been falling, pushing him from one
chequered box into another.
Is it only for me? Is it the same for others too? Is it all by design or by default? Or is it
that even the defaults are by a grand design? Mehraz wondered.

Mehraz. A dazed management trainee pushed into the frenzy of insurance sales when
he was certain that sales was the one thing he never wanted to do. Oddly, he never
knew what was that one thing he wanted to do either. At times, even as managers or
VPs, we can still be that dazed management trainee. At times, even in real life, we can
be a Mehraz, deep within. Unsure what we should be doing while we live out choices of
unknown others.

This is Mehraz’s story. Angelo’s and Shibu’s. Of their friends and their worlds.
At times, yours too …


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