Mystic Tales from Shiv Mahapuran


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Shivmahapuran is the epitome of all the Vedas and puranas, the one who reads or listen to Shivmahapuran leads to purification, all his sins get purified and he enlightens himself. Lord Shiva gave Shivmahapuran for the welfare of human beings. This Purana celebrates the glory of lord Shiva, for human beings Shivmahapuran is the ideal source to receive guidance on the duties of a human being, the four purusharthas that is dharma, artha, kama, moksha. The entire Purana is divided into 12 parts known as samhitas: vidhyeshwar samhita, rudra samhita, vinayak samhita, uma samhita, matru samhita, ekadashrudra samhita, kailash samhita, shatrudra samhita, kotirudra samhita, sastrakoti rudra samhita, vaayviya samhita and dharma samhita.

Shivmahapuran is a very important and glorious text it gives a detailed description of lord Shiva as metaphysical element, his glory and the methods to worship lord Shiva. In the Vedas lord Shiva is described as unrevealed, unborn, the reason for everything, the one who destroys, the one who is the reason for welfare of everybody and the god of all gods mahadev. The meaning of Shiva according to Vedas is the one who leads to welfare, it is a well-known fact that lord Shiva is worshipped not only in India but also in most other parts of the world, in fact lord Rama and lord Krishna also worships lord Shiva. This book is a collection of few unusual stories from Shivmahapuran, these stories are being translated from Sanskrit and Hindi into English language. Multiple sources were referred to collect these stories and the stories are being presented in an abridged form for the perusal of readers. As a reader one will gain knowledge on how the jyotirlings came in existence and will find stories which are full of wisdom and lessons on universal human values.

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