Monks On Saddle By Anupam Tomer


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This captivating book is a thrilling tribute to the exhilarating world of cycling. It bursts with excitement, adventure, and a profound appreciation for the art of pedaling. A true treasure, it is the ultimate gift, a gateway to a realm where adrenaline surges, and the spirit of exploration takes flight.
For those who have felt the wind in their hair and the rush of speed beneath their wheels, this book serves as a nostalgic reminder—a testament to the shared bond of cycling. It captures the essence of camaraderie and companionship, making it a heartfelt gift from one cycling enthusiast to another. A loyal cycling buddy can present it as a token of their unwavering friendship, a testament to the countless miles they’ve conquered together, and the memories etched into their souls.
But this book is not limited to those who have already tasted the thrill of cycling. It beckons to those whose hearts yearn for adventure, yet have never experienced the sheer joy of pedaling. It is a magnetic invitation, an open door to a world filled with untold tales of daring escapades, scenic vistas, and the boundless possibilities that await. Whether it be a husband presenting it to his wife, fueling her passion for long-distance rides, or a devoted fan of cycling gifting it to a loved one who has harbored an unquenchable love for pedaling since childhood, this book kindles the flames of excitement and ignites a sense of wanderlust within.


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