MANSIK SHAKTI: Empowering Minds


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In “Empowering Minds,” Dr. Amresh Shrivastava, a distinguished psychiatrist and visionary leader, unfolds the transformative narrative of the Mansik Shakti project—an initiative dedicated to nurturing the mental well-being of students. This book serves as a comprehensive guide to the project, blending Dr. Shrivastava’s expertise with a deep commitment to empowering young minds. The Mansik Shakti project, founded by Dr. Shrivastava, emerges as a groundbreaking endeavor focused on two pillars: Mental Health Assessment and Mental Health Education. This visionary initiative aims to create a paradigm shift in how we perceive and address the mental health needs of students. Shrivastava elucidates the importance of early intervention through systematic mental health assessments. The project adopts a holistic approach, identifying potential stressors and risk factors, and tailoring interventions to address individual needs. Through insightful case studies and real-life examples, the book demonstrates the impact of timely assessments in preventing mental health challenges. Education emerges as a cornerstone in the Mansik Shakti project.


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