Literature and Psychology: An Interdisciplinary Approach


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Literature and Psychology: An Interdisciplinary Approach brings together two captivating fields, each with its own unique ability to explore and illuminate the human experience. The book is based on “Call for Book Chapters” in which chapters are received from reputed institutions of India along with Iran and Nigeria. This book presents the intricate interplay between Literature and Psychology, examining how they inform and enrich each other, opening up new avenues of understanding and insights. The chapters within this volume cover a broad range of topics, including the psychological analysis of literary characters, examination of literary texts through Psychological theories, the influence of literature on psychological well-being, and essence of Psycholinguistics. By integrating these diverse perspectives, the reader will get the deeper appreciation of the power of literature to illuminate the human psyche and the relevance of psychological insights in understanding literary works. This anthology aims to serve as a valuable resource for scholars, students, and enthusiasts of both Literature and Psychology, where it offers a unique paradigm for connecting the two disciplines together and inspiring them for further research, dialogue, and cross-pollination of ideas.


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