Lighten Up: Lose The Weight of Losing Weight


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Lighten Up! is about creating those tiny shifts in your heart, in your mind and in your being to help you create more ease towards achieving your weight loss goal. The EFT techniques presented in this book aim to create more lightness and joy by reducing the emotional stress and pressure to lose weight.

As you learn to apply the Emotional Freedom Technique towards your specific weight loss challenge, chapter by chapter, you start peeling off those unhealthy thoughts and emotions. These unhealthy thoughts and emotions are present beneath the physical weight in the form of demands you put on yourself, guilt, emotional overwhelm, frustration, impatience, poor self-image, judgements and fears. It is this emotional weight and the unaddressed issues that lead to binge eating, stress eating, reduced control over your diet, procrastination tendencies and inconsistent actions thereby causing you to gain weight rather than lose it. This book provides EFT solutions, towards these specific issues, thereby reducing the intensity of these issues. Consider this book as a friend who is talking to you every day and taking off the weight of losing weight from your shoulders. Resolving one problem every day. Making progress slowly but surely.

Each time you complete the tapping, you can measure the intensity of your issue before and after and notice the positive change in your emotional well-being. Expect a shift in your consciousness with self-love and self-acceptance. Be more comfortable with your present body and weight and pursue your weight-loss goal with more ease, joy, and enthusiasm. Truly expect to Lighten Up!

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