Life After Pandemic


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Life never exhausts and finds it’s way akin seeds that sprout from the womb of the earth when they find the right atmosphere. Life never ceases to fail , no matter what circumstances may prevail , it finds it’s way to normality and growth of abundance. Covid 19 akin other viruses in the past history , for example Sars , Aids , will be a thing of history , beaten and conquered by modern science . The only thing one has to get accustomed is to the fact that viruses of newer type may pose a threat from time to time and the world has to find and invent ways to evade it .Adequate precautions , following social norms , obeying rules and regulations , keeping fit and healthy [ mentally and physically ] , checking excessive expenditure , positive mind frame , gratitude for everything , empathy for the society , leadership qualities to guide and mentor self and others in distress , patience and a lot of tolerance , are a few ways to curb the anxiety , trouble , ill-health , disease and death and poverty during these testing times. Life has a beauty and meaning and it finds its way . The dark night paves way to a bright day of hope and survival. No virus is strong enough to defeat our existence unless we consciously choose our doom. Faith , courage , scientific approach and self belief conquers the most hardest of atrocities .Improvising and adapting to the ‘new normal’ the call of the day , without fail.


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