LESSONS FROM HISTORY – Causes of India’s Successive Subjugation: Volume V


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Why This Book? ‘Why India could not defend against foreign invasions’ in the past centuries, is an unanswered question on the minds of most compatriots. This land called Bharata Varsha, had achieved the lofty heights of greatness in learning, philosophy, and sciences, among its peers of the ancient world. But then, somewhere in the ‘swirling mist of time’, ‘Bharata Varsha’ lost its way and by the time it became ‘Hindustan’, during the Medieval Period, it was shorn of all that plumage of greatness, glory, and majesty and rendered feeble, weak and vulnerable to onslaught by anyone and everyone who dared. It was sacked, plundered, and pillaged for centuries and its temporal and intellectual wealth was carried away to far off lands by invaders and marauders who came to own this land and then, in time, called it their home. The narrative about ‘how and why all this transpired’, begins with this Volume-I. The total story relating to how the ‘Bharata Varsha’ was transmogrified into ‘Hindustan’ and then to ‘India’, is told in five volumes as shown overleaf. These ‘Causes’ then, become Lessons for the Future.

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