Lal Sawat


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The whims and caprices of nature, the world’s fabric is caught in the melancholy that comes from it. He can never get out of the clutches of new diseases that come on crops. As a result, we have to face starvation, this reality is standing with tears in our eyes. ‘Lal Sawat’, a rural story collection written by Subhash Kinholkar, was realized with this disinterest. The stories in this show the sufferings of the working class masses in harmony with the current agriculture. The government’s indifference towards the farmers, agricultural policy, looting by our own people etc. are firmly embedded in the stories. The story also combines the harsh, changing village reality, the growing bonds of relationships, their joys and sorrows, social issues and the philosophical value of living. The content of the stories are realistic. The pride of ‘self’ comes out of it. Along with this, the clever use of Tawdi dialects, its phrasing and dialogue style etc. are also the aspects of the stories.

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