Lahanpaniche Khel: Childhood Games


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Presently all family members are seen engrossed in various electronic gadgets, particularly the cell phones. My observation being, Kids and children are found more addicted to these gadgets and hence they are loosing their precious childhood. Hence they are missing all childhood games to be played on open grounds. Observing this I felt lot of petty about the children and in that thought I started comparing my childhood atmosphere with that of present kids. These thoughts made me to write about my childhood games which we used to play.
In present book I described almost all games children used to play bout 60-65 years ago. I tried to cover all the games we played in childhood and also added developments in some games which are being played on competitive basis today.
I hope this writeup will give information of games used to be played about 60 years ago and todays children will get awareness of the life without electronic gadgets. Where as elderly people will revive their childhood and games they played and a nostalgic pleasure.
The book is in Marathi language totally a handwritten one with illustrations about games in tribal “Waarli Art”.

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