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An Inspiration-My own life history During my birth I had severe jaundice,I had no chance to survive that time I was 36hours in oxygen.That's why my both the legs were affected that time.Even one of the orthopaedics of Dhanbad Jharkhand has prescribed that I can't walk in life unless any miracles happens in my life.My parents took it as challenge and searched a doctor of Kolkata P.G.Clinic Dr.B.K.DUTTA who took my case.Upto 8 years of age I was treated in Kolkata and 3 major surgeries of my both the legs were done then I got cured.I can walk as normal person. I can drive car and bike.I am working in NGO and also giving tuitions to school and college students after my office hours. Whatever I did in my life it might be nothing for many people I could many things because of my will power, god's blessings and my parent's extreme efforts to convert my disability into ability.The enormous support which I got from my mentors,family and friends is infinite.Very few people in this world is lucky as I am.So, my dear friends what I am trying to say is, never lose hope in life, you will get everything you really deserve just. Have faith on god and try to work hard and move forward in life.Last but not least, a beautiful song which gives me encouragement and inspiration to carry on "जीवन से ना हार ओ जीने वाले,बात मेरी मान अरे मतवाले ,हर गम को तू अपना कर,दिल का दर्द छुपाकर तू बढ़ता चल लहराकर,दुनिया के सुख दुख को बिशराकर"


This Book is designed for school students of standard 6th to 10th Who are facing different quiz or science based competition.But also can be useful for persons of any age who have interest in science based knowledge. Its my pleasure to serve students by presenting useful questions based on logic and make them to think more interesting answers apart from the answers given. This book also improves their thinking process and increase their curiosity to know more about such phenomena.

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