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• Have you ever wondered how your teeth can ensure your overall healthy living?
• Have you ever cared to know whether you are taking proper care of your teeth?
• Do you always take your teeth for granted?
• Do you think that by brushing your teeth daily, you have taken sufficient care of them?
There are umpteen number of books available in the market full of knowledge and wisdom about healthy living. It is indeed a necessity to be aware of one’s oral health and maladies. However, it is paramount to know that the signals of good or bad health begin from the mouth. It is therefore advisable to know about our Oral health and the related factors about it in detail.
“Good looking people with strong, fluoridated teeth get things handed to them on platters.”
-Douglas Coupland

A healthy mouth is a sign of healthy body. Only when we are healthy can we lead a healthy and happy life. There is a strong interdependence among all the parts of our body and mouth mirrors it all. The exaggerated immune responses from mouth makes other inflammatory conditions also to worsen in the body. One such common inflammatory condition being diabetes mellitus in which the hormone insulin helps turn dietary sugar into energy for the body’s cells. However, when affected with diabetes either the body doesn’t produce enough insulin, or the available insulin cannot be metabolized into sugar effectively resulting in serious health issues. Research have indicated a link between diabetes and gum disorders as both are chronic inflammatory disorders and have shown that diabetics with uncontrolled gum diseases have poor blood sugar levels. Conversely, diabetics have an exaggerated inflammatory response to gum diseases compared to one without diabetes. Thus, a person who has uncontrolled diabetes having multiple periodontal abscess can be diagnosed by looking at the oral health. There are many more conditions that reflect how oral health has a direct impact on our general health and this book reflects it all. Understand your overall health through oral health.

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