HUMAN VALUES: Ethics Respect Honesty Integrity



The general meaning if value or values : It will be worthwhile to explain the term value before we begin to deliberate upon the topic taken up for further elaboration.
(i) In fact value is quality of being useful or desirable.
(ii) Worth of something when compared with something else.
(iii) Worth of something in terms of money or other goods for which it can be exchanged.
Values standards moral (ethical). We aim here to take into account human values which are needed for a sustainable society and also for and individual to be capable of living a life of higher values. It may be relevant here to express that we are concerned with human values. Values relate to human beings not to animals. The world at large needs human values for its survival at the present time passing through the predicament of the decline of human values day by day. The Greek philosophers defined man as a social animal. The Jain philosophy also makes a difference between_let and lekt is a group of animals whereas lekt is a group of human beings. Human values are concerned with lekt (Society).
Which are basic human Values? There are two kinds of human values; mainly they are basic and universal values like: love, Truth, compassion, nonviolence, purity, contentment, charity, altruism, and selfless action etc. The others may be termed as modern values enacting from Scientific, temper, technology and modern way of life. These values are needed for our life at our present time. Since higher values as listed above are universal and as such they deserve to be discussed in detail.


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