How To Speak English Like A Native: Revealing the ‘SPEL Formula’ – The World’s Only Natural Language Learning Program Modeled After Your Mother Tongue


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What if I claim that the entire English language consists of just Five Words?
Would that sound ludicrous?
Let me prove it right here.

Whenever we are speaking English, we are talking about either Subjects or Ideas. Subjects means we are referring to either Somebody or Something. And Ideas mean we are talking about the either the Subject’s state of being, their actions, or their possessions.

In other words, all of spoken English can be boiled down to Five Root Words:
Somebody/Something + Be/Do/Have

Now take any sentence that comes to mind and check if the above Formula is correct or not.
I call this the Supreme Pattern of English Language or SPEL Formula.
And if you master the SPEL Formula, you will be able to master Spoken English.

One of the biggest mistakes I see in most books teaching speaking is that they focus on Grammar and big impressive words. The problem is that a bigger vocabulary doesn’t mean more fluency. You need to learn English the way you learned your native language… on a subconscious level.
And this book teaches you step by step how to learn spoken English the way babies learn… without the need for Grammar… but with true fluency.

This book is ideal for job interviewees, employees who want to give a presentation, business owners who want to pitch their services, college students, and anyone who wants to develop fluency while speaking English.

Get this book, follow the steps and become a master English speaker.


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