Guru Yogam: A Human Normal Journey vs A Human with Guru Yogam Journey


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There are so many people in this world who are struggling with all sorts of problems and there are so many people who are going through life so heavily.
It is my firm belief that the reason for this is that they do not have the right mentor/master.
In the Indian cultural traditions, the importance of the Guru can be understood by giving the second Place after ‘mother and father’,
Hence, the elders said that…
I do not know if I have the experience and qualifications to talk about a Guru…but
Through all the problems I have seen so far in my life journey, the many problems I have encountered, the many experiences I have overcome, my experiences in life, the lessons I have learned from those experiences, the knowledge I know, a strong desire has arisen in my mind.
Then I decided to write a book on the subject of the greatness of the Guru, the need for a Guru, and why the real Guru should be in our lives, with the firm feeling that the greatness of the Guru needs to be known to all the experience which I know in the life I have come across.

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