Get Ready to Grow Again: Handbook On Pulp Therapy For Young Permanent Teeth


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Perfect as a clinical guide or a review for oral exams, this remarkably useful resource clues you in to the most valuable pieces of information you’ll need to know to achieve the most success. You’ll appreciate the easy-to-use format of the book providing complete answers to topics in virtually every area of management of young permanent teeth. Management of nonvital young permanent teeth present the clinician with numerous restorative and endodontic challenges. Though the traditional approaches of MTA, Ca(OH)2 have been used successfully over the years, both modalities have few important well documented drawbacks, one of which is the lack of continued root development. Recently there is a paradigm shift in the approach to management of immature teeth promising better emphasis on conservative, biologically based methods that allow regeneration of a functional pulp-dentin complex.

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