Fundamentals of Vehicle Integration By Dr. Prashant Shukla


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“Fundamentals of Vehicle Integration” is a comprehensive and insightful exploration into the intricate world of integrating various components and systems to design a functional and efficient vehicle. Authored by experts in automotive engineering, this book delves into the core principles and methodologies essential for seamlessly combining diverse elements such as powertrain, chassis, electronics, and safety systems. The text provides a thorough examination of the critical considerations and challenges involved in achieving optimal synergy among these components, ensuring that the vehicle operates harmoniously and meets performance, safety, and regulatory standards. With a balanced blend of theoretical concepts and practical examples, the book equips readers with a deep understanding of the key principles governing vehicle integration, offering a valuable resource for students, engineers, and professionals in the automotive industry. Whether one is a novice seeking fundamental knowledge or an experienced practitioner aiming to enhance their expertise, “Fundamentals of Vehicle Integration” serves as a indispensable guide for navigating the complexities of creating well-integrated and high-performing vehicles.


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