Frequency Matters- 21 days to Raise your Vibration


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The book that you’re now holding in your hands, and all of the information it contains, was once a stream of formless ideas only floating in my mind. I have believed , understood and followed the Law of Vibration since I was 18. Situations in your life make you knock your Soul’s Door. And when that opens, there are many layers within us starts to open . Frequency Matters -21 Days to Raise your Vibration is a Challenge that you may want to give to yourself. See life gives us Challenges every now and then. And there are times we are unable to be resourceful to follow through. This book will give you a platform to practice the High Vibrational Frequency everyday and be resourceful in your actions. I managed to make my own vibrational energy match up to the Source, and allowed these words and ideas to flow through me directly to you with a Space of Co Creation. You’re holding in your hands an evidence that anything we can conceive of in our minds while staying in harmony with the Creator can help you Manifest your Deepest desires Gracefully. If you’d like to know how this book might impact you and how you might think, feel, and co-create after reading and applying its methods , I encourage you to read and follow only one chapter a day. Morning times are the perfect times to Invite such energies in your space. If you can develop a habit to follow the chapters in the Mornings , could be very helpful. Or you can keep it as a Bedtime book too. Every day, there is a new task for you . And everyday you get more connected to your Source. Some days , you have recorded techniques which you can open through Link or QR Code. Some days, there are written or reflective Tasks. For some , the results are immediate and some chapters will give you results in a few days. FREQUENCY MATTERS is going to be a strong foundation for your life and Emotions. Once the book is complete,

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