Find Your Passion to Build A Successful Career: How to Achieve and Live Your Purpose the Most


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Reclaim Your Passion And Life Force, And Refuse To Compromise on your Dreams. You change jobs frequently whatever may be the reason, but the result is no job satisfaction. You change your business areas – go into more lucrative areas you earn less and fail. You change strategies – still it does not+ work. You employ better people; better tools, outcomes are nothing to talk about. You are the leader of your enterprise – nothing clicks. Is it the stars, is it your fate, is it others harming you? The most vital point is how you treat your passion, or have you even found it, how much clarity you have as regards your purpose of life, how you assign your values, what drives you to do what you are doing, what is your inspiration? If you are ignoring your passion – it will harm your chances of success, you will be floundering in your purpose. Find your clarity of purpose, choose the right direction, set up clear goals and decide on your values. The need to earn money itself may restrict you from succeeding in your project. I honestly believe every person who starts a new business, or a career must read this book. What is common between Bill Gates, Agatha Christie, Dr. Glenn Cunningham, Arunima Sinha, Steven Spielberg, Nick Vujicic? • To Live and Succeed in Your Passion – ask yourself 43 questions to find your passion. • Find your main reason to live and assign values that could change your life. • How feelings restrict you from achieving your purpose and how to manage them. • Why you should not pursue money as a purpose. • What should you do before setting goals- have clarity and direction, make your skill and a value path. •

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