Fair and Foul in Love By Jit Pal Aggarwal


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The novel Fair and Foul in Love is about the adventurous journey of Robin who visited Los
Angles and met an American girl Jay Dee Short who fell in love with him. Robin had reported
all his adventures when he visited America, Spain and Italy and Canada exhibiting his Indian
values of true love, certainty and fidelity. Robin jumped off the ship and became an illegal
immigrant. He visited the residence of Jay Dee Short but was shocked to find her step mother Dr.
Susan Steve as a Vampire middle aged woman; young and gorgeous. Susan entrapped Robin
who was young and handsome; Susan had a passion to live with the young boys for her sexual
pleasures. She took him as her slave forcefully. Robin had to serve her; he was directed to look
after her Steve Hospital and Jay Dee Hospital situated in San Francisco. She had hired the
gangster Bob Johnson to kill her two daughters Jay Dee and Sadie who rushes to Bombay to save
her life. She reached the house of Robin and fell in love with his brother Ronnie. Robin was
informed by Lorraine that Dr. Susan had killed her ex-husband Husband who was a Jew! Dr
Susan hooked another young boy Parker who was a Gym trainer. Jay Dee Short reached India in
search of her love Robin but dedicated her to the service of the slum dwellers of Dharvi of
Bombay! The monstrous designs of Dr Susan are exposed; the Vampire Woman is sent to the
prison. The end of the novel is touching; thrilling and sensational dealing with the themes of
love, sex, lesbianism and murders.


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