Economic Empowerment of Tiny Agricultural Sectors in India: Tiny Agricultural Sector


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Agriculture in India today is embarrassed by a range of factors that created history by producing 308 million MT of food grains in 2020-21, but this has been accompanied by land degradation, declining size of land holdings and many other related problems. Agricultural tiny sector is the vital mechanism which helps to create agriculture a more smart and profitable endeavour. The agricultural tiny sector has a large prospective to contribute to the national income and also providing direct employment and income to the numerically larger and vulnerable section of the society. The main objective of the seminar is to enumerate the economic empowerment of tiny agricultural sectors and sustainable development of the agricultural community people. Agro based tiny industries create more employment opportunities to eradicate the unemployment problems and economic contribution of the tiny agriculture sectors in India will create more impact in the GDP growth. NABARD provides financial assistance to the agriculture community to uplift the farmer’s livelihoods. The growth and expansion of agro-based industries should form an inseparable part of the NABARD programme of economic and industrial development of the country. Therefore these books bring Economic empowerment of Tiny agricultural sectors in India in futures perceptive.

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