Dancing in Solitude: A Book of Poetic Sense


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Dancing in Solitude: A Book of Poetic Sense is a collection of 108 poetic verses in five separate chapters. The poems of this book are the manifestation of mysticism, love, dark-consciousness, nature, aestheticism, and philosophy. A sense of ‘mystery’ or ‘mystic self’ is everywhere in the book; there, the author’s self is being identified as mystic_purist. The poems of the five consecutive chapters define the gradually transformative journey of the author, from the dance of an individual through the observation of his bodily existence to the perception of his sense, formation of the psyche, connecting reason with reality and imagination, self-similitude with/for the truth, and finally a quest for salvation (in conscience) through the spiritual touch of impending spontaneous simple words. The first chapter “The Dark Dancer” begins with the author as a shadow which cannot easily be identified. Therefore, the journey, for him, is full of mystery. And he continues with this mysticism. The second chapter “Luvophile: of Love” deals with the author’s emotions and memories of love and affection, in different poetic expressions. The third chapter “In search of Sense” tells the senses of human nature and the existence of which the author is in search. The fourth chapter “What the Thunder Said” delineates some statements of the author’s conscious mind; an appeal for judgement. The fifth chapter “Reincarnation” conveys the poet’s self-reconciled state of mind where a self can be defined according to his ‘karma’; the journey is not ended yet; rather, there is ease with hopeful destiny. Dr Bimlesh K Singh states, “This is because only a reader who has a mystic temper or, at least, romantic sensibility can be able to read between the lines of all the lyrics contained herein.” And, Dr Deepak enunciates, “This collection of poetry can add many new dimensions to Indian English poetry.”

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