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About The Book
This book is for beginners, cybersecurity and digital forensics enthusiasts, or anyone who wants
to boost their knowledge, skills and want to learn about cybersecurity & digital forensics. This
book explains different programming languages, cryptography, steganography techniques,
networking, web application security, and digital forensics concepts in an evident manner with
examples. This book will enable you to grasp different cybersecurity, digital forensics, and
programming concepts and will allow you to understand how to implement security and break
security in a system for testing purposes. Also, in this book, we will discuss how to manually
perform a forensics investigation for extracting volatile & non-volatile data in Linux and
Windows OS using the command-line interface. In this book, we will mostly use command-line interface for performing different tasks using programming and commands skills that we will acquire in different chapters.

In this book you will learn:

• Setting up & Managing Virtual Machine in VirtualBox
• Linux OS
• Bash Programming and Scripting
• Useful Utilities in Linux OS
• Python Programming
• How to work on CLI
• How to use programming skills for automating tasks.
• Different Cryptographic techniques such as Symmetric & Asymmetric Cryptography, Digital Signatures, Message Authentication Code, Hashing
• Cryptographic Loopholes
• Steganography techniques for hiding & extracting information
• Networking Concepts such as OSI & TCP/IP Model, IP Addressing, Subnetting, Some Networking Protocols
• Network Security & Wireless Security Protocols
• A Little bit of Web Development
• Detection, Exploitation, and Mitigation of some Web Application Vulnerabilities
• Basic knowledge of some powerful & useful Tools
• Different concepts related to Digital Forensics
• Data Acquisition types and methods
• Manual Extraction of Volatile & Non-Volatile Data from OS artifacts
& Much More

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