Human behavior is very complex, which is not easy to understand. It has both cognitive and non-cognitive domains. The cognitive aspect of behavior consists of higher mental processes like learning, memorization, thinking, imagination, concentration, problem-solving, and decision making. Because all these processes are concerned with every human being, so it is important for everybody to know about them. In fact, we try to observe, identify, explore and develop all these faculties of mental processes. It is only possible if we study them and try to understand them.
The present book entitled COGNITIVE DOMAIN OF HUMAN BEHAVIOUR throws light on all these different aspects of the cognitive behavior of human beings. It has been written in a very simple and understandable language so that every reader can comprehend the contents of this book. Besides describing concepts like learning, memorization, attention and concentration, thinking and imagination, concept formation and reasoning ability, creativity and mental imagery, new concepts like constructivism, meta-cognition, cognitive Negotiability, and cognitive apprenticeship have also been explained comprehensively in an easy language.

It is hoped that this book will be very useful to the common readers who would like this book very much; as it has been written considering their needs and requirements. This book will also be helpful to the students of psychology of graduate and post-graduate classes as well as research scholars who are interested in designing and conducting their research projects in the area of Cognitive Psychology.

The author feels obliged to those experts and writers whose work has been consulted and quoted in this book. He dedicates this book to the students and teachers of human behavior as well as to social scientists, social administrators and behavior scientists. The objective feedback and critical analysis of the strengths and weakness of the book will be welcomed and appreciated.

With best regards and good wishes to all the human beings and good luck for their healthy life style and prosperity in their future life.

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