Break your invisible barriers: Inspire, Influence & Succeed


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This book seeks to clarify how to determine, assess and reach what you want. Consistent practice of these techniques can transform your life into a success irrespective of how you define it.
Simple strategies are shared as part of this book, that have transformed not only authors’ life but also others’. Using these methods, one has achieved success, produced measurable results and have continued to upskill. More importantly, author has witnessed people being able to manage work and personal life without stressing themselves out.
This book covers three broad sections. Emphasising on qualities such as facing challenges, managing emotions, clarity, creativity, and leadership.

● Section 1 explores key points on the need of self management. Everything starts with you and ends with you. Keeping this in mind, it uncovers the critical reasons for the invisible barriers we face and what stops us from breaking them.

● Section 2 explores managing people; understand that people are a bundle of emotions needing special care to handle. Explores more on how to convince and influence people, break the invisible wall of communication and create harmony.

● Section 3 explores managing situation. You form and handle a great army of people. However, you see things are still not going the right way. It explores more on how you can get ready mentally to help face challenges head on. How one shall equally learn to be aware to act on any situation.

This book covers simply by considering three significant factors to break all the invisible barriers:
* Manage yourself
* Manage people
* Manage the Situation

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