Bhagvad Gita for Beginners and Everyone Else: Clear and Unbiased Facts about Bhagvad Gita


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Go happily wherever life takes you. Don’t be worried even if everything is found or lost. In nature everything is flowing, nothing is stagnant, neither sorrow nor happiness. Today I am here, tomorrow I will not be there but nature will continue to grow. The principle behind this is that we come to life empty handed and leave empty handed. So, you only have few days with you, don’t waste them mourning. Even if you have everything, don’t be proud because it won’t happen tomorrow. Even if you are poor today, don’t be ashamed, this poverty will also go away one day.
This book is going to help you in every aspect of life. It is written Slightly different from others. If you live life, it is okay to suffer. Lord Krishna himself says that this world is the home of sorrows, the school of sorrows. Still, he helps Arjun like a friend to understand how life can be brought closer to God, even with all the enjoyment. I have explained how the powers of people at that time have remained with many people in this era as well. Everything has been explained keeping psychology in base. The names and introductions to every relevant person has also been included in order to make it more convenient to read and understand.
This book not only talks about Krishna but also about the great saint of Tibet, Lobsang Rampa, Guru Nanak, Jesus Christ, Sai Baba, Buddha and Mahavir, so that the Bhagvad Gita can be understood in an easier way. Some interesting facts about the life of great psychologist and Doctor E Moto will also be revealed. Which will make us understand life in an Easy way. By these examples, one can understand the Bhagavad Gita very well. This book will not only bring you out of depression but also will not let you fall into it. This is what I think.
Everyone has his own way to reach God, Buddha sought the divine in peace, not in rage. Jesus also adopted the same path by laying the foundation for kindness. Nanak discovered the divine through the power of his own voice. Saint Kabir worshiped him in his couplets. So, if you want to reach God, then stop searching for him outside and start looking for him within.

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