Balance – The New Religion: A chance to Mine the Diamond within You…


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On a late night in November, I saw my whole life flash before me. Everything that I worked towards was taken away in a split second. I lost my first year at university, my friends and most importantly, myself. The cause for this was Psychosis. You must be thinking, what exactly is that? That is one of the reasons for the existence of this book. Sure, you can google the illness and learn the symptoms, but the true experience of a young girl who underwent these symptoms is what this book beholds. Dealing with mental health and eventually suffering from Psychosis is broken down into experiences and life lessons. This book destigmatises mental health by depicting the journey of rediscovering myself and the search for the soul beneath my flesh. When an individual soul is silently trying to fit into the normalcy of the external world’s realities, they can encounter hurdles in many different forms, but for those in loss of hope, self-love and ambition, this book is the cure.

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