Awakening (Rice, Beans and Fried Potatoes)


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Messengers from the spiritual world descend on Earth as Saints, Sages. Preachers, and sometimes as Children We listen, we ignore, and we take these spiritual men for granted, but when maturity dawns upon us, we begin to discover the truth of our purpose on this planet. We start believing those sermons, we have been hearing without much attention, and keep surfacing in our minds guiding us in the right direction.

“The day we are out of womb sure will be in the tomb, sooner or later how when and where lest we can predict but a bed is there waiting for us in the tomb’. Two young

Pre-Teen twins Brother and Sister, walked up to me as I was walking back home from the Butcher’s Shop carrying freshly cut Lamb Meat. They are smart, good-looking, and are on the mission of preaching ‘The Ten Commandments. got a pamphlet from them. The boy pointed his finger to “The Ten Commandments’ and said “Thou shall not Kill, and Jesus will not be happy with you’ Though his words sounded simple yet he nailed them in my heart. I reached home and started to cook my favorite dish Hyderabadi Biryani, I was not able to focus on my cooking. The boy’s face was popping in my eyes, and at the back of my mind, I could hear the cries of the dying Lamb. I messed up the Biryani and couldn’t cat it. Those words of Pre-Teens Invoked Compassion in me, and I made the Choice, ‘Quit Eating Meat, followed by “Awakening” Rice, Beans, and Fried Potatoes’ The Story was Penned

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