Artificial intelligence: A new Vista of Marketing


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Artificial Intelligence has emerged as a miracle which has transformed lives and communication from the core. AI technologies have enabled the brands to make automated decisions based on data collection, data analysis and trends which has significantly impacted brand marketing.The AI techniques is a new dimension which has paved an unprecedented path to shape businesses to deepen brand-consumer relationship. This book has showcased that how AI has seeped in and transformed brand performance, can scale customer personalization and precision in ways,fuels the consumer need of interactivity and impacted content creation, strategizing brand and its assessment.AI is a new tomorrow as it is touching consumer behaviour in infinite ways. This book has highlighted through case studies that how AI has converged a virtual reality platform providing immersive brand experiences to its users, can create simulation models and personalized purchasing processes through recommendations based on machine learning technologies and interaction with virtual assistants which has made many brands adopting AI to stay ahead and sustain in future. This book is strongly recommended for brand managers, researchers, brand professionals, academicians, students and organizations as it unknots the role of AI in augmenting branding and affecting human life in a substantial way.

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