Art of The Climb: Every Professional’s Guidebook for Excelling and Winning in a Corporate Career by C. Venugopal


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Art of the Climb is a book that helps a professional excel in a corporate career while enjoying it.Everyone starts the climb of the corporate ladder with the first step – but true success comes to those who master the Art of the Climb. It is not the brightest or the best who rise to the top in organizations – it is those who wisely negotiate the twists and turns on the way.

A corporate career is a labyrinth, full of surprises – headwinds that stall and tailwinds that open opportunities. The path ahead is unclear – some leading to dead ends and others to grand vistas. And to top it all, the goalpost keeps shifting throughout the journey. Mastering the Art of the Climb is the only way to stay ahead.

Dr.C.Venugopal,the author, has four decades of experience in corporate India, both as a career professional and as a consultant and coach. As MD& CEO of Krysalis Consultancy Services Private limited, he has coached and mentored scores of professionals to manage their organisations and careers . This book incorporates the learning from the experience.

Art of The Climb is for all professionals. It guide new entrants on how to get that dream job, how to tackle that interview and negotiate the best terms. It advises on when to leave a job and how to sttategically climb the corporate ladder , rung by rung. It cautions the mid career professional on the hazards in the job. It highlights behaviours that impede progress and those that boost careers. It trains the professional on handling different types of bosses and come out victorious.

Finally, Art of the Climb, describes the steps to the top of the pyramid. The CEOs job is exciting and rewarding – but also challenging. How to get the chair and how to keep it are all part of managing the career.

This book reveals secrets that will help professionals at all stages of their career do well and enjoy their professional life.


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