Access to Education of street children in Bangalore city: A Study of Two Non-Governmental Organisations


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Dr. Maria A , MA, M.Phil, Ph.D
I am thrilling to introduce myself as an emerging author, eager to share my first research book with the world. With a deep passion for understanding human behavior and societal dynamics, I am excited to contribute to the field of sociology through this groundbreaking now. My journey into the realm of sociology begun during my undergraduate years at St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore, where I was captivated by the power of social analysis and the profound impact it has on our lives. Motivated by a desire to explore the intricacies of society. I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology (EPS combination), immersing myself in course that explored various Sociological theories and methodologies.
Inspired by my undergraduate studies, I went on to pursue a Master’s degree in Sociology at Bangalore University. During this transformative phase of my academic journey, I delved deeper into specialized areas within the field, honing in lively discussions with fellow scholars, I began to develop my own unique perspective and research interests. Later I joined Madurai Kamaraj University to pursue my M.Phil. on Role of Media on Social Development of Dalits.
Eager to push the boundaries of sociological knowledge, I embarked on a rigorous Ph.D. program at Jain University (Deemed-to-be University), Bengaluru. I dedicated several years to conducting original research, analyzing data, exploring complex sociological concepts. My doctoral thesis focused on a compelling research questions within the field, shedding new light on the dynamics of social identity formation in multicultural societies.
Writing this research book is not only a culmination of years of academic study but also a testament to my unwavering commitment to advancing sociological knowledge. I am deeply grateful for the support and guidance of mentors and colleagues who have enrich my intellectual journey. With great enthusiasm, I look forward to sharing my research and contributing to the vibrant and ever – evolving field of sociology.

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