A Well-Balanced Mind: What consumes your mind, controls your life


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Your entire life is a beautiful journey. Failure is not the opposite of Success; it is a part of Success. We have not heard of anyone to date in this world who has never seen defeats and has seen only victories all through their lives. Both victory and defeat are a part of our life. If this is the nature of every human life, then why define our happiness from a narrow perspective, on victory and defeats? Instead, let us give our best, enjoy the journey and not get too worried about the outcome.

This book has many real-time short stories that will help you analyze your life and rewire your thinking, which will elevate the quality of your life as you experience your entire life through your mind. As you get to do this daily, your thinking pattern changes, and you will start noticing the changes in your mind. It will start being in a balanced state most of the time during the day, and it gets stronger with practice. A well-balanced mind is a foundation for every human life to accomplish anything.

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