10 Segments on Authentic Parenting – A bliss: Parenting with love and logic makes children responsible


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Stop looking for some input on Parenting – 10 segments on Authentic Parenting will help you discover yourself as a parent.

Do you struggle with the myths of Parenting
Do you get confused in some situations as to how to deal with the child
Do you want to explore the styles of Parenting
Do you want to know your styles of Parenting
Do you want to understand your role as a Parent

If your answer is yes, then your search is over. This short self-help book will provide you with the following.

Prof Sherebaanu has 20 years of work experience in the education industry and has catered to more than 5,000 students. This book provides some easy and doable tips which will make the journey of parenting a blissful

1) To identify the comparison between earlier Parenting and today’s Parenting
2)To understand a few tips for Parenting in different stages of a Child’s life
3) To understand the myth and mantra
4) To understand providing facilities to the children is not Parenting
5) To understand how to deal with the child in challenging times without punishing them
6)To understand how to maintain the uniqueness of the child by not treating all the children in the same way
7) To explore how to maintain our “yes” and “no” situations as a parent
8) To identify the different styles of Parenting
9)How to understand your child better
10) What should be your role as a parent

Are you really looking for a change in approach to dealing with your children?

Pick up your copy by clicking on the BUY now button at the top of this page and become an Authentic parent.

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