Self-publishing is the process of publishing a book without the involvement of a publishing company. As a result, the author is in complete control starting from the writing, editing, layout, cover design, printing and promotion up until the sales. While the control and flexibility in each stage are beneficial, there are too many responsibilities for the author to handle alone. Promotion, especially, becomes an arduous task because the author is not being backed up by a publishing house and the contacts and platforms they have.

Here are some game-changing promotion ideas that can be implemented in order to skyrocket your sales.
  1. Establish an online presence

The current era is one where digital media is thriving and if one makes the right usage of this medium, then they are sure to have optimum results. Hence, the author must set up a website, social media accounts and a newsletter list. The author platform should establish a brand for the author and provide valuable content for the audience such as blog posts, excerpts, etc.

We need to note the importance of social media platforms. It is a powerful tool to engage with the audience and run promotions. Moreover, it can be used as a platform to share important news about the books or share news regarding launches, contests or giveaways. Websites can be built using easy-to-use software and applications such as Wix, Blogspot or WordPress. While it is beneficial to keep the audience and probable buyers engaged, it is equally important to continuously maintain it. Consistency is key.


  1. Book reviews, giveaways and free samples
  • Book reviews are a great way to build the reputation and credibility of an author. A self-publishing author can reach out to book reviewers, critics and bloggers and offer a free copy of the book. By doing so, you can receive honest reviews from them and also from past buyers. Reading good reviews of the book would urge people to get their own copy. On the other hand, criticism and feedback can help you improve your next manuscript.


  • Publicity is important and generally, with new news the hype around your news fades. Hence, it would be ideal to continuously keep the buzz around your book by arranging contests and book giveaways. This can, once again, be done through social media platforms and winners can be sent a free copy of the book. This method keeps the audience engaged and increases the authors’ visibility. Another method to increase publicity would be by conducting book launches. Events grab the attention of people and increase their interest.


  • A free sample is also something that would intrigue the audience. If your book is written well, the first few chapters of the book would act as the hook to capture the audience’s attention. Once their interest is peaked, they will buy and indulge in your book.


  1. Socialising

Promotion is not about doing things singlehandedly. In fact, socialising can help get the word about your book out there. And this is where book signing events, book clubs or even participating in book fairs can help.

  • The first step would be to join or even start a book club if you have the contacts to do so. By finding a group of people to discuss various books and topics, you can market your book to people with similar interests. Word of mouth comes into play when they further share your work with others.


  • A book signing is also a great way to socialise. Not only do readers get to interact with the author, but the latter can also build contacts with those in the publishing sphere. Moreover, it is an opportunity to tie up with bookstores or cafes and connect with other writers.


  • Book fairs are also an opportunity for authors to display their works and socialise. By participating in such festivals, the chance to take part in workshops or panels is sure to come your way. Events such as these require a fee, especially if you are a budding author. However, it is undeniable that it is only an investment that is sure to bear fruit in the near future.


  1. Podcasts

Music streaming platforms such as Spotify also have the facility to stream podcasts. Authors can choose to reach out to podcast hosts and offer to be guests on the show. This gives space for both a formal and informal discussion on your release and a personal touch would entice the audience to buy your works. Podcasts have become extremely popular in the past few years and are sure to create some talk about your book.


  1. Book trailers

Much like movie trailers, book trailers are an effective marketing strategy. Many people are inclined to audio-visual methods and hence creating a simple trailer and sharing it on social media platforms will appeal to a wide audience. It is not necessary to create a complicated video. A simple script with matching visuals and music according to the aesthetics of your book can go a long way. A trailer should be long enough to portray the essence of your book but short enough to retain the audience’s attention. Hence, it can be anywhere between 30 seconds to 90 seconds depending on the content.


Self-publishing can be a viable option but it also calls for the author to take up the responsibility in each stage of publishing. Conclusively, the promotion and marketing of the book demand time and effort equal to that put in during the production stages, if not more. This is so because if a product is not promoted properly, the sales are less and the effort and money put into creating the book go a waste. Hence, by implementing the strategies that best suit the book, the author can climb the ladder of success.



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